Boosting efficiency and cost optimisation

Rickard Fernholm joined Gordon as Strategic Sales Executive in December last year. His mission is simple: empower retailers and wholesalers with enhanced efficiency and cost optimisation.

The first couple of months have been busy to say the least. Hours on the phone and in video calls to establish connections and educate potential customers how they can improve their logistics with Gordon’s powerful SaaS platform.

“It’s evident to me that there’s a need for a solution like ours. Recipient expectations are changing and this puts a greater responsibility on retailers and wholesalers to improve the digital experience and proactively communicate ETAs. By digitising their processes, they can become both more efficient and qualitative”, says Rickard.

Several new segments have emerged over the past year and the platform has more than doubled its revenue. One interesting trend that Rickard notices is the rise of hybrid customers – those that use both Gordon’s platform and delivery service.

“Many of our customers have a strong local brand with a competent fleet and want to maintain that relationship with their customers. Our platform is an excellent facilitator for this, helping them manage and oversee all deliveries in one place. They use our platform for their own deliveries and can utilise our delivery service to expand their reach beyond their own fleet”, says Rickard.


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Är du Årets e-handlare 2024? Gordon är stolt partner till priset som delas till en aktör som ligger i framkant och driver en framgångsrik och effektiv e-handel med dagligvaror. Den 14 november koras vinnaren på Dagligvarugalan – nominera idag!