Grocery bags from Coop Syd are now included in Gordon's coordinated flow of home deliveries

Coop Syd becomes the first major grocery retailer to let its home deliveries of grocery bags be included in the last mile company Gordon's coordinated flow.

– We are at the forefront of change. By coordinating home deliveries, we make transport more efficient while improving service. It is not defensible for different grocery stores to make their deliveries in their own cars that are half full, says Tobias Ljungström, online manager at Coop Syd.

The fact that grocery stores should deliver the grocery bags that customers have ordered online in their own vehicles and with their own logo on has been a matter of course for Coop since it started its e-commerce in 2008. The same has been applied and applies to other players in the grocery trade.

Now Coop Syd is breaking with this customary practice in the industry. Since 3 April, their online customers have been getting their grocery bags home with a Gordon van. In that van, there are also refrigerated deliveries from other companies, such as companies offering meal kit solutions and food producers with e-commerce.

– We want it to be possible for more people to have their food delivered to their homes at a reasonable cost, says Tobias Ljungström, Coop Syd.

Gordon was previously responsible for Coop Syd's deliveries in southern and western Skåne but made the deliveries with cars with Coop's logo. These deliveries were made a few days a week with grocery bags only from Coop in the cargo space. The expanded cooperation means that Coop Syd can now offer home deliveries to its customers throughout Skåne and Blekinge up to seven days a week.

– We see this as a breakthrough in our work to coordinate temperature-controlled home deliveries with active cooling. We at Gordon are working on getting more players in the grocery market to take the same step as Coop Syd has taken. Now we look forward to making everyday life easier for more people in Skåne and Blekinge with the help of home deliveries with food, says Ali Ghoce, CEO of Gordon.

For over a year, grocery bags from Ica Supermarket Sjöstaden in Stockholm have been included in Gordon's coordinated flow in Stockholm.


Tobias Ljungström, Online Manager Coop Syd,, 010-7434344.

Om Gordon

The mission of the last mile company Gordon is to make everyday life easier for people through coordinated, sustainable and temperature-controlled home deliveries. The company's heart is an efficient digital platform connecting suppliers, drivers and recipients of home deliveries. Gordon was founded in 2015 in Stockholm. Since then, the business has grown significantly. In 2022, Gordon had a net turnover of SEK 568 million. Customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway include HelloFresh, Coop, MEDS, Kokkeløren and

Coop Syd

Coop Syd is a consumer cooperative association with over 500,000 members. The organisation operates 113 stores in Skåne and Blekinge counties.


Om Gordon

Gordon er et last mile-selskap som spesialiserer seg på koordinerte strømmer av temperaturkontrollerte leveranser. Selskapet har to forretningsområder: En komplett løsning for kjølte last mile-leveranser og en SaaS-plattform. Gordon ble grunnlagt i 2015 i Stockholm og har i dag virksomhet i Sverige, Norge, Danmark og Finland. Blant kundene er dagligvarekjeder, måltidskasseselskaper, matprodusenter og apotek.

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