Andreas Viklund leads Gordon's tech development

The number of e-commerce companies using Gordon's proven platform for their own operations is growing. 
– I am proud of what we in Gordon's tech team have done and what we are doing. Gordon would not be where we are today without our own tech platform that we are constantly working to develop, says Andreas Viklund, CTO at Gordon.

The tech team works to meet the requests for improvements that arise throughout Gordon's delivery chain. 

– It's a holistic solution where we manage everything within the same interface. We receive orders, plan routes, sort the goods, provide information to the drivers and let the recipients follow their delivery in real-time in one system, says Andreas Viklund. 

All knowledge about making efficient deliveries with environmentally conscious routes is gathered in the tech platform. The platform is also offered to companies with an existing fleet that want to manage their deliveries independently, which is unique among last mile players. 

– We sell a proven system that is developed according to actual needs and challenges in the industry. The platform can be used to plan and implement all kinds of deliveries. Still, it is clear that our system is specially adapted to handle temperature-controlled deliveries, says Andreas Viklund.

As the platform gains customers in other countries and with a focus other than temperature-controlled deliveries, it needs to be adapted. The adaption may involve ensuring that everything from route optimisation and language to analysis and return flows work in the best possible way. 

– We constantly try to stay one step ahead, but also make sure to improve things that may seem small but facilitate the work with many deliveries, says Andreas Viklund. 


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