Hyvät työolosuhteet

Welcome as a driver

Gordon aims to make people's lives easier through chilled home deliveries. This goal requires safe working conditions for drivers in safe vehicles. Gordon has no employed drivers but cooperates with the self-employment company CoolCompany in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Since the start in 2015, we at Gordon have worked for good working conditions in an industry with several subcontractors tiers and where drivers have not had reasonable working conditions. We, therefore, require our partners to have good salaries, working conditions and work environments. Gordon has a modern fleet of vehicles, which we constantly review so that the drivers can do their job in the best way possible.

A pay model that rewards long-term relationships

In cooperation with the driver's employer, we at Gordon reward experience and long-term relationships. We have therefore decided that the driver's employer will use a salary model in which the salary is increased for each year that the driver has worked as a driver for Gordon.

In addition to the basic salary, drivers are guaranteed compensation for the following:

  • Working inconvenient hours during evenings and weekends 
  • Työeläke
  • Vakuutus
  • Sairaspäiväraha
  • Lomaraha
  • Payment of social security contributions

Drivers working on assignments from Gordon are guaranteed a market-based basic salary for truck drivers with a B driving license. The drivers who work on assignments from Gordon via the self-employment company Cool Company omfattas av kollektivtavtal med Säljarnas fackförbund. 

A flexible and independent job

Drivers employed by Cool Company are offered a flexible and independent working environment. The driver chooses how much and when they want to work. Schedules are set well in advance. This flexibility allows for combining working for Gordon with education or other jobs. 

Gordon's collaboration with Cool Company has created hundreds of new work opportunities and has given many newly arrived residents, students and young people an opportunity to enter the job market. 

Gordon makes sure drivers get support at work

At Gordon, we want drivers to work safely without stress. Therefore, Gordon has, among other things, digital tools that facilitate the work and traffic management that provides support. If a work shift is prolonged, it goes without saying that the driver gets compensated for the total amount of worked hours. We never use performance-based fines if, for example, goods are damaged, if you deliver to the wrong address or leave a product after the specified time.

Four frequently asked questions for Cool Company

Voinko ottaa vastaan toimeksiantoja myös muilta firmoilta samanaikaisesti?

Ehdottomasti! Kuljettajana valitset itse, mitkä toimeksiannot otat vastaan ja mille yrityksille työskentelet.

Kuka on vastuussa, jos minulle sattuu onnettomuus toimeksiantoa suorittaessani?

Alla förare är via Cool Company försäkrade med bland annat olycksfallsförsäkringen TFO som gäller om man skulle skada sig i jobbet eller på väg till eller från jobbet. Vid en personskada under ett uppdrag för Gordon är det Cool Company som ansvarar för att hantera skadan. Gordon ansvarar för trafik- och vagnskada för fordon.

Voinko saada sairaspäivärahaa?

Kyllä, sinulla on oikeus sairaspäivärahaan sairaspäiväraha-asetuksen perusteella.

Mitä jos työrupeama venyy odotettua pitemmäksi?

Kaikille kuljettajille maksetaan siitä ajasta, joka työsuorituksen tekemiseen todellisuudessa menee. Mikäli työssä esiintyy viivästyksiä, palkkaa maksetaan kaikesta kuluneesta työskennellystä ajasta.

Täällä voit lukea aiheesta lisää ja kysyä Cool Companylta kymyksiä.