Code of conduct

Gordon Services AB and subsidiaries within the group (GORDON) have, based on the 10 principles contained in the UN’s ”Global Compact”, drawn up the following Code of Conduct. We work accordingly to this document and monitor our supplier’s compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Human Rights

GORDON supports and respects internationally recognized human rights and will actively prevent violations of these rights from occurring.

If a violation of human rights has taken place within the framework of our operations, this is to be followed up immediately and necessary measures are to be taken to curb the violation and avoid any repeated occurrence.

Labour standards

At GORDON, we value the right to join trade unions and the right to bargain collectively.

Employment is to be freely chosen and we do not accept any use of child labour. The mere suspicion of any occurrence of this is reason enough to terminate a collaboration, or reason to not initiate a collaboration.

GORDON bases its purchases of products and services on the fact that the work is performed willingly.

Employees and others who perform services for GORDON must be respected in their professional practice and not be discriminated against regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation. Nor may any person who is pregnant or on parental leave be disadvantaged. All employees are responsible for combating discrimination and must alert the company management to any occurrence of this.


GORDON complies with environmental-related laws and regulations and has the necessary permits to conduct business.

In addition to complying with statutory requirements, GORDON is an active participant in sustainability initiatives and research projects. Through partnerships and inhouse development projects, we work steadfastly to reduce climate impact and to offer sustainable solutions within the last mile.

Services and products from GORDON are designed to optimize the use of material and energy resources as well as to provide incentives to simplify and encourage a sustainable everyday life. Criterias for product development are sustainable manufacturing methods, use of resource-efficient and durable materials, the possibility of repairing the finished end-product, and the possibility of environmentally safe recycling of materials when the product has finally been used up.

Read our Environmental Policy.


GORDON aims to always maintain good business ethics and to work for long-term and trusting relationships with customers and suppliers while counteracting all forms of corruption and bribery. How this work is conducted is described in the document ”Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy”.