How e-commerce companies can leverage delivery software for business stability

How to build stability in an unstable world? It’s an eternal question in business. And within last mile deliveries, it’s particularly pressing. As consumers are more careful with their spending, home delivery can be a luxury that’s cut. Business stability is multifaceted, of course, from employee retention to customer loyalty and more. Software is another contributing aspect — one that can often, in fact, be underestimated.

The benefits of delivery software range widely, from obvious efficiency gains to more nuanced advantages. The further nuance we’ll explore here is how the right software can actually boost your business stability. Safeguarding your operations now, and also establishing solid foundations for the future. Because, no matter your business stage or size, stability is a constant need. The growing pains will evolve, yes. Volume increases are tricky as you move from small to medium-scale, for example.

Navigating new coverage areas or markets is then complex as you grow from medium to large-scale. Yet no matter the shift or challenge, the ability to stabilise is vital. So, let’s explore how well-chosen software can help you create and maintain business stability.

Minimise admin and manual processes

Any logistics-centric business depends on its back office. As such, it’s vital you set yours up for success with smart software. Take routing, for example. Manual routing management is a time-consuming headache. It eats into the time your back office team could spend on other business-critical tasks. With software that executes and automatically updates routing, they’ll gain back those hours.

Removing friction and helping to eliminate repetitive tasks from their workdays. As a result, your back office can focus on customer satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty. The back office is the driving force of great customer experience, so facilitate its power! Next stop: stand-out customer service, building those stability-boosting long-term relationships.

Scale profitably

Seeking business stability helps increase profitability in general, but especially as you scale. You’ll want to avoid operations spiralling out of control as you increase volumes, products, areas or markets. So, to scale successfully, the right software is key! An all-in-one delivery platform, for example, will provide the necessary operational overview. Ensuring you can coordinate logistics and track goods from production through to delivery. Likewise, pinpoint any issues to enable rapid solutions and flag risks early.

Scaling profitably isn’t just about large leaps, either. It revolves around incremental continuous improvements. For both the steady increases and the full-speed-ahead periods, quality software is a key ally. If it’s usage-based, even better. This enables you to stabilise current operations affordably while laying the groundwork to scale.

Leverage KPI tracking

Data analytics and insights are essential to moving your business forward. From productivity to financial health to customer retention, these insights underpin strategic decision-making. The capacity to gather this data is a fundamental base layer. Yet it’s useless if you don’t also have the capacity to interpret and understand it. Only then can it inform choices that can stabilise, and boost, your business.

Naturally, your delivery data is no exception. You’ll need software that can amass selected KPIs, and make them interpretable. For example, enabling you to compare peak and non-peak days and time windows. How are drivers performing? Are there significant discrepancies between your planned and actual delivery times? Spotting trends can reveal crucial avenues to improve, combined with considering external factors. This primes you to gain the insights needed to keep your operations watertight. Preventing unnecessary delays and expenses, and stabilising your business overall.

Ensure customer engagement

Customer loyalty is vital for business stability. For one, acquiring new customers is far more costly than retaining existing ones. Additionally, positive word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool. So, how to turn your loyal customers into raving fans?

Transparency is key. 94% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal when a company commits to full transparency. Plus, over 90% of consumers say brand transparency is important to their purchase decisions. So, transparency builds business-stabilising loyalty, and the right software will help you offer it. Continuous updates create transparent delivery experiences, from order placement to doorstep. Notifying customers when their order is booked, planned for delivery and out on the road. This constant communication manages expectations and keeps things clear.

Building transparency, loyalty and stability isn’t just about frequency, though. The forward-planning element is crucial, too. Starting this communication flow up early sets the right expectations. Then, continuous updates keep everyone aligned — customers and drivers alike.

Choose software that will stabilise your business

The right delivery software for your business won’t just light the path to stability. It’s also an investment in preparing you for sustainable, profitable growth. To find out more about the potential of a delivery platform for your business, reach out to us for a free demo.