Opportunity to rethink time windows and cut-off times

“It's time to dispel the myth that consumers of deliveries from grocery stores prioritise deliveries with narrow time windows. We at Gordon see that consumers want freedom of choice and sustainable deliveries, which aligns well with profitability in e-commerce.

Our experience is that around half of consumers choose to have their food delivered within a time window of six hours if this option costs less than with a narrower time window. The effect is probably amplified if you clearly demonstrate to the customer that the option that costs less also is better for the environment. 

Nevertheless, there is a norm in grocery store e-commerce when it comes to order cut-offs. This norm means that the cut-offs are at midnight, and delivery is in the morning or early afternoon the next day. Therefore, store staff need to pick the order shortly before the delivery route starts, which can make it challenging to scale up the business.  

Our experience at Gordon shows that consumers adapt their purchasing behaviour. They accept that the last time for orders is set to a time in the middle of the day and that the delivery comes the next day in a time window lasting several hours. This change makes it possible to pack more orders and makes it easier to include groceries in Gordon's collaborated flow. 

Collaborated deliveries enable more efficient transport and optimised routes while keeping costs down for retailers and consumers. At the same time, it's more environmentally sustainable. This insight paves the way for profitable e-commerce and long-term customer relationships.“

Andreas Furu

Head of Nordic Sales, Gordon