Press material

High-resolution images, free to use. If you have requests for other photos or material from Gordon, email and we’ll help you.

When you use material from Gordon, bear in mind...

We’re happy to help!

Whether on social media or on your website, you are welcome to use the available material, and please don’t hesitate to request more content when you are publishing content about Gordon. Here’s how to reach us.

Exploring a variety of options

When you use Gordon’s material in your marketing, explore a variety of options to present Gordon in the optimal way for your customers. Integrate Gordon’s logos and photos in your marketing.

Keep it simple

Keep graphics simple and clear when you’re presenting Gordon. Avoid using multiple different types of logos in the same material.

Don’t change Gordon’s logo

When you use the Gordon logo, make sure that you don’t crop, colour or rotate it or make any other changes to it.