Gordon Delivery

Reach 19 million end-customers

Deliver food and medicines in an unbroken B2B and B2C active cold chain. We give you a complete and comprehensive solution including a logistics platform, drivers, traffic management and support for your customers.

Coop Sweden, Hello Fresh and Simple Feast are some of those who have taken the step of a unified and digitised customer experience with the help of Gordon’s logistics solution and platform.

Simplify your cold-chain transports

With Gordon Delivery, you can deliver refrigerated food and medicines in an unbroken cold supply chain and reach over 90% of the population of Sweden and Denmark, and a rapidly growing share in Norway and Finland. The UK is next!

Your customer will be one of Sweden's most satisfied customers

Thousands of satisfied customers – every day! We are top ranked among consumer and have the highest rating in the last mile segment in all countries where we operate.

  • Fast delivery after order. Received a text message about the time slot for home delivery and was able to follow the driver and get a more specific time. Super smooth!


Get full control and follow deliveries in real time

Our cloud-based platform connects all stakeholders that need to collaborate for a successful e-commerce. Management, drivers, distribution centers, customer support and the end customer – we digitise your processes in less than a week!

Success Tower

Our Success Tower ensures that operations with staffing, route optimisation, vehicle planning and deviation management is running smoothly. We support your customers via telephone and chat from 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week and can reduce calls to your customer support line by 40-60%.

Here’s why Gordon Delivery is right for you


Reduce administrative and ineffective processes with our cloud-based platform that helps you achieve higher quality and save time through automation and optimisation.

Exceptional range

You get access to the entire Nordic market and its 19 million potential customers. With our unique coordination, we can move your package along an unbroken cold chain over long distances at a low cost.

Reduced consumer issues

Communicate effectively with your customers by sharing information in real time. Sit back and monitor everything via our platform while we manage your delivery-related support. 

No start-up fees

Gordon Delivery is a complete, comprehensive solution for your logistics – you don’t have to make major investments in your own vehicles, technology and staff.

Environmental sustainability

With our in-house coordination technique, we have succeeded in halving our carbon dioxide emissions. By joining our collaborative flow, you’re part of the revolution.

Social sustainability

The people behind the wheel are our most important assets. Our approach attracts the most motivated and service-minded drivers on the market.

What our customers say

Niklas Zeitlin

Chief Operating Officer at Coop Online

"We had high expectations for delivery capacity to end customers and these expectations have been met with flying colours. At the same time, we’ve had the opportunity to help develop the product. Gordon Delivery has been really open to our feedback and has used our decisions to develop new functionality.”

Our solution for Coop


Coop Online is, as the name may suggest, Coop Sweden’s e-commerce service. The company, which was founded in 2008 (under the name Mataffaren.se), has shown strong growth from the beginning and as late as 2018 had an annual turnover of €32.5 million.

Early on they became aware of the usefulness of efficient deliveries, and they have been using Gordon Delivery for several years now. As technology developed, a need also arose to find an overall platform at the central level to offer a better solution to end customers.

“Customers are used to this kind of service, and pressure is coming above all from other actors outside the grocery industry – if you shop at Apotea or H&M, it’s completely natural. For us it was necessary in order to live up to customers’ expectations,” says Niklas Zeitlin, chief operating officer at Coop Online.


With the help of Gordon’s last-mile platform, Coop Online has been able to take control of its deliveries at a central level. Dialogue has been good from the start and thanks to this close relationship, the platform has been developed as well.

“We saw a major opportunity for us to be able to monitor the transports centrally and shorten the contact pathways we had in place before. This has provided us with great opportunities to secure delivery control,” says Niklas, and continues:

“At Gordon Delivery everyone is really motivating and they take the opportunity of a meeting with us to present the next steps and think ahead. With our input in these meetings, they have been able to introduce further add-ons and functionalities that weren’t there when we bought the product."

Sam Myers

Head of Strategy at Simple Feast

“Gordon is one of only a few logistics companies that really understand food flows and weekly workflows like those we have at Simple Feast. The most important thing for us was for our boxes to be handled in the right way and for the food to arrive in good condition. We also felt that they were more innovative than other suppliers and understood how important the digital experience is during the delivery itself.”

Our solution for Simple Feast


Simple Feast is a food company that is developing new concepts and products in plant-based and organic food. They have developed a recipe app – Simple Feast Recipes – that is available worldwide and the food is available for purchase in Denmark, Sweden and Los Angeles.

The company entered the Swedish market during 2018 and has appeared frequently in a variety of advertisements both on buses and online. They realised early on the benefits of providing a strong customer experience on site as well as of being able to offer smooth deliveries to end consumers.

“Having a sound logistics solution on site is incredibly important for us, as the whole of customer experience and product quality drops if delivery is poor. Because the food we produce is prepared for cooking beforehand in our kitchens and then cooked by the customer, and because it also contains a lot of fresh produce, it’s important for the entire logistics chain to be handled the right way,” says Sam Meyers, head of strategy at Simple Feast.


To meet the consumers’ high expectations, the choice was naturally Gordon Delivery. The Collaborated Distribution model, which builds on Gordon’s in-house developed coordination technology, means coordinated delivery and reduced environmental emissions.

“Coordination was an important factor on our side. We like the opportunity to be part of a shared flow with other food products to minimise emissions as much as possible during delivery,” says Sam, continuing:

“We expected a partner with high quality in delivery that we could also grow with. So far, they’ve delivered well on our expectations. We started with Stockholm, but thanks to Gordon we can deliver to a large proportion of the Swedish population.

Our collaboration has developed in step with both parties’ strong growth journeys. Over the years, Simple Feast has extended its delivery times and, not least, achieved an increased coverage ratio.” Titti Wästlund, Customer Experience Specialist at Simple Feast, explains:

“Gordon’s expansion has helped us to reach out to more homes, even outside urban areas. We have also carried our collaboration across national borders to Denmark, which has worked incredibly well.”

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