Gordon Whistleblower Policy

Gordon aims to be a safe workplace where we treat each other respectfully in all work and relationships. We strongly condemn all forms of abusive discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Therefore, it is important that if you become aware of any misconduct that you feel uncomfortable bringing up with your manager, you can report it anonymously and securely by using the whistleblower function. Below you can read about how to do this.

What can be reported through whistleblowing?

If you suspect any misconduct, unethical behaviour, or violations of laws and/or regulations, we encourage you to report this as a whistleblower case. 

To read more about what should be reported, please see our full whistleblower policy below.

Who can blow the whistle?

The following people can blow the whistle: employees, job seekers, interns, individuals who have ended their employment, individuals who have not started their employment, and contractors or suppliers who Gordon employs. Everyone who whistleblows is protected under the so-called Whistleblower Act, Lag (2021:890) on protecting persons who report misconduct.

How is a report made?

To ensure that you can blow the whistle anonymously, Gordon uses Visslan's whistleblower function, an external and independent actor. You never need to disclose your identity if you do not want to. Click on the button below to whistleblow using Visslan's encrypted and password-protected reporting tool.

Please describe what has happened in as much detail as possible, as this makes it easier for Visslan to review your report.

  • Do not include sensitive personal information, such as ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical beliefs, or sexual orientation
  • You can remain anonymous or provide your name throughout the process without affecting your legal protection.

When submitting your report via Visslan, you will receive a 16-digit code. You must save this code to log in to the whistleblower system for follow-up. With the code, you can access your reported case.

According to the law, whistleblowers are protected against negative consequences after reporting misconduct, which means that threats of reprisals and attempts at reprisals are not allowed. Examples include being terminated, changing your job duties, being threatened, being discriminated against, or being blacklisted in your industry because you blew the whistle. The protection also applies when information is disclosed publicly.


If you have further questions regarding how we handle whistleblower cases, you are always welcome to contact us.

Lina Andersson, CPO Gordon Services AB, lina.andersson@gordondelivery.com, +46 79 585 30 90

Gordon Services AB Whistleblower Policy