Good working conditions

We set requirements for our partners to provide good working conditions

Since the beginning of 2015 we at Gordon Delivery have had the goal of creating good working conditions in an industry that has often built upon several layers of subcontractors where drivers have not had appropriate working conditions. We set requirements for our partners to provide good working conditions and we collaborate with Cool Company, which provides employees and staff for Gordon’s assignments. 

What we offer you as a driver

As a driver you will be employed by Cool Company which has full employer responsibility. You are guaranteed a market-based hourly rate, compensation for unsociable working hours and occupational pension benefits. You are covered by the Swedish Sick Pay Act and Holiday Act, and have both life and accident insurance. Cool Company ensures that the correct provisions are made for:

• Occupational pension

• Insurance

• Sick pay

• Holliday pay

• Payment of social security costs

And of course, no performance-based fines are applied.

Flexibility and freedom

Cool Company offers you as a driver the flexibility and freedom to choose yourself how much you want to work, which hours you want to work and if you want to work for one or more clients. 

Our collaboration with Cool Company has created hundreds of new work opportunities and given many newcomers, students and young people the opportunity to enter the job market.

We have chosen to work with Cool Company in the entire Nordic region so as to establish close collaboration.

Five frequently asked questions to Cool Company

Can I accept assignments from other companies at the same time?

Absolutely. As a driver you yourself choose what assignments you do and which companies you do them for.

Who is responsible if an accident happens while I am doing an assignment?

Cool Company has full employer responsibility. All drivers are insured by, among other policies, TFO accident insurance that applies if anyone is injured on the job or on the way to or from work. If a person is injured on an assignment from Gordon, Cool Company is responsible for dealing with the injury. Gordon is responsible for traffic and car damage to vehicles.

Can I get sick pay?

Yes, you are entitled to sick pay under the Sick Pay Act.

What happens if a work session extends for longer than expected?

All drivers are paid for the time the assignment actually takes. If any delays occur, payment is made for the entire time worked.

What support will I receive as a driver while I am working?

At every refrigeration facility or place where a work session starts and ends, there is a manager on site for help and support. During the route, Gordon Delivery always has a driver support line open that you can call to get help quickly.

Här kan du läsa mer och ställa frågor till Cool Company.

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