Gordon Delivery

Reach 19 million end-customers

Deliver food and medicines in an unbroken B2B and B2C active cold chain. We give you a complete and comprehensive solution including a logistics platform, drivers, traffic management and support for your customers.

Coop Sweden, Hello Fresh and Kronan Pharmacy are some of those who have taken the step of a unified and digitised customer experience with the help of Gordon’s logistics solution and platform.

Simplify your cold-chain transports

With Gordon Delivery, you can deliver refrigerated food and medicines in an unbroken cold supply chain and reach over 90% of the population of Sweden and Denmark, and a rapidly growing share in Norway and Finland. The UK is next!

Your customer will be one of Sweden's most satisfied customers

Thousands of satisfied customers – every day! We are top ranked among consumer and have the highest rating in the last mile segment in all countries where we operate.

  • Fast delivery after order. Received a text message about the time slot for home delivery and was able to follow the driver and get a more specific time. Super smooth!


Get full control and follow deliveries in real time

Our cloud-based platform connects all stakeholders that need to collaborate for a successful e-commerce. Management, drivers, distribution centers, customer support and the end customer – we digitise your processes in less than a week!

Success Tower

Our Success Tower ensures that operations with staffing, route optimisation, vehicle planning and deviation management is running smoothly. We support your customers via telephone and chat from 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days a week and can reduce calls to your customer support line by 40-60%.

Here’s why Gordon Delivery is right for you


Reduce administrative and ineffective processes with our cloud-based platform that helps you achieve higher quality and save time through automation and optimisation.

Exceptional range

You get access to the entire Nordic market and its 19 million potential customers. With our unique coordination, we can move your package along an unbroken cold chain over long distances at a low cost.

Reduced consumer issues

Communicate effectively with your customers by sharing information in real time. Sit back and monitor everything via our platform while we manage your delivery-related support. 

No start-up fees

Gordon Delivery is a complete, comprehensive solution for your logistics – you don’t have to make major investments in your own vehicles, technology and staff.

Environmental sustainability

With our in-house coordination technique, we have succeeded in halving our carbon dioxide emissions. By joining our collaborative flow, you’re part of the revolution.

Social sustainability

The people behind the wheel are our most important assets. Our approach attracts the most motivated and service-minded drivers on the market.

What our customers say

With Gordon Delivery, you can deliver chilled food and medicines in an unbroken cold chain and reach over 90% of the population of Sweden and Denmark and a rapidly growing share in Norway and Finland:

"With Gordon, we reach our entire customer base"

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