Climate-conscious deliveries

More and more purchases in this area are now being made over the Internet. Through smart work with logistics, we are steering development towards reduced climate impact.

Ever since day one, the climate and environment have been an issue in which we are deeply invested. Through a variety of initiatives – from in-house developed technology to research projects – we are working hard to reduce climate impacts and offer climate-conscious last mile deliveries. Over the coming years we will focus fully on making our deliveries even more climate-conscious.

Gordon Delivery is an active participant in multiple projects and research work. Here is a selection.

Gordon Circular

Gordon has registered a patent application for a completely new solution where Gordon delivers food to the consumer’s door in reusable bags that are picked up at the next delivery.


Under the leadership of Chalmers Industriteknik, Gordon Delivery contributes as one of 50 participating organisations in developing smart solutions to reduce food waste and give new life to excess food.


For Sweden to reach its climate goals for transportation, a fossil-free transition is required soon. Gordon is one of the partners in the ENKLA project, which investigates whether transhipment terminals can be part of the solution.

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Transition to fossil-free fuels

För att minska klimatpåverkan och buller i våra cityleveranser arbetar Gordon för att enbart använda elfordon för dessa leveranser. Idag använder Gordon två modeller av elfordon, Maxus E-Deliver 9 och PRO Litium MAX.

Using electric vehicles as rolling refrigerators is challenging. The cooling box needs to be insulated, and the battery capacity is required to power the vehicle and refrigeration unit. However, this requires extra space and weight, affecting how much you can load into the vehicles and how far they travel on one charge. We have overcome difficulties in the past and are on our way to doing this for electric vehicles.

Vi har som mål att gradvis ersätta våra kylbilar med elkylbilar i stadsmiljö för att minska miljöpåverkan.

Till dess alla våra leveranser sker fossilfritt kompenserar vi för våra utsläpp.

Gordons klimatkompensation sker i ett långsiktigt samarbete med det svenska företaget ZeroMission. Tillsammans vill vi bevara skogarna och minska koldioxidutsläppen på ön Madagaskar genom att förse människor med effektiva solspisar och klimatvänliga solkaminer. Dessa säljs till ett subventionerat pris. 500 personer i Madagaskar jobbar med att tillverka solkaminerna. 

Utvecklingsnivån på ön Madagaskar är generellt låg. 85 procent av befolkningen förlitar sig fortfarande på öppen eld för att laga sin mat, vilket kräver stora mängder ved. I början av 1900-talet var cirka 90 procent av ön täckt av skog, enligt WWF. I dag finns knappt 10 procent av skogen kvar.

Gordon stödjer ZeroMissions arbete med att ge människor på Madagaskar effektiva sätt att laga sin mat på utan att använda ved. Det kommer att minska avskogningen, minska koldioxidutsläppen och förbättra levnadsvillkoren för människor på Madagaskar.

Maxus E-Deliver 9 - an electric full-size light truck

The Maxus E-Deliver 9 is the same size as Gordon's other light trucks, used for urban and rural refrigerated deliveries. In the winter of 2023, ten Maxus E-Deliver 9s, during the daytime, began delivering refrigerated goods in the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus. At night time, they charge at our distribution centres using fossil-free electricity. 

Maxus E-Deliver 9 har ett batteri som driver bilen och ett batteri som driver kylaggregatet. Specialteknik gör att dessa batterier kan samarbeta för att garantera att lastutrymmet alltid håller rätt temperatur. 

Better opportunities for electric vehicles in Denmark 

Gordon is using light trucks. These trucks have a maximum load weight of 3.5 tons, and people with a B driving licence can drive them. The battery makes electric vehicles heavier than fuel-driven vehicles, which means that you cannot fill an electric truck with as many goods as, for example, a diesel-powered truck. This law complicates the transition to deliveries by electric vehicles. That is why Denmark and several other EU countries have introduced a special rule whereby an electric truck can weigh more than 3.5 tons and still be driven with a B driving licence. This rule allows Gordon to use the Maxus E-Deliver 9 in Denmark. 

PRO Litium MAX - the small handy rolling fridge

The PRO Litium MAX is explicitly built for chilled and frozen food deliveries in cities by the Swedish company Etron AB. The vehicle was developed as part of a project where Etron AB and Gordon collaborated with Chalmers Industriteknik, Coop, Castellum and Stockholms Stad

On one charge, The PRO Litium MAX can handle approximately 75 home deliveries in a city environment. Because of its small size, it is easy to get through narrow streets and to park in crowded areas. The load capacity is one ton, and the custom-built aluminium pallets on wheels make the loading quick and easy.  

Gordon has been using the PRO Litium MAX since the summer of 2022 for deliveries in the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Jönköping. The charging is done with fossil-free electricity at our distribution centres in the two cities.

We are renewing our truck fleet with cooling boxes made from PET bottles

If you take 4,367 PET bottles, which cannot be recycled into food packaging, you can produce the insulation for a large cooling box and put it on the back of a truck. That is what we at Gordon do as we now renew our fleet. By the summer of 2023, we will have ensured that 637,582 half-litre PET bottles have been turned into cooling box insulation for 146 trucks.

By the summer, Gordon will have 187 light trucks in our Swedish fleet. Nearly 80 per cent of these will have cooling boxes with insulation made from the environmentally friendly material ArmaPET, created from recycled PET bottles by the company Armacell, with cooling boxes built by JPGS Kaross in Laholm. 

A truck's cooling box’s lifetime is estimated to be around ten years. Stena Recycling can recycle 90 per cent of it into new materials or energy. Until it is time, Stena Recycling will work to increase the proportion that can be recycled into new materials. For Gordon, it feels good to have a clear picture of the entire life cycle of the new cooling boxes for our trucks. 

A truck with ArmaPET is better for the environment

Insulated cooling boxes for trucks are most commonly made out of XPS/EPS or Polyurethane Cellular Plastic, which is not recyclable. Producing a truck cooling box from armaPET means 245 kg less carbon dioxide emissions than cooling boxes made from the most common materials. Furthermore, armaPET cooling box has better insulation performance over time, higher strength, longer life, lower weight and, therefore, lower energy consumption over its lifetime than a cooling box made of XPS/EPS and Polyurethane. All this means that a truck with an armaPET cooling box has a lower environmental impact than other trucks.

JPGS Kaross has built many cooling boxes for Gordon in the past. However, the new ones with armaPET have another design with better aerodynamics to reduce air resistance. As a result, these trucks have significantly lower fuel consumption. 

These cooling boxes are the first in the Nordic region made from recycled PET material to be FNA certified by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. This certification shows that the boxes have undergone strict tests and proved that they maintain a consistent, low temperature for several hours of operation, even when it is hot outside. That is how we can guarantee an unbroken cold chain with active cooling. 

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