Climate-conscious deliveries

More and more purchases in this area are now being made over the Internet. Through smart work with logistics, we are steering development towards reduced climate impact.

Ever since day one, the climate and environment have been an issue in which we are deeply invested. Through a variety of initiatives – from in-house developed technology to research projects – we are working hard to reduce climate impacts and offer climate-conscious last mile deliveries. Over the coming years we will focus fully on making our deliveries even more climate-conscious.

Gordon Delivery is an active participant in multiple projects and research work. Here is a selection.


Under the leadership of Chalmers Industriteknik, Gordon Delivery contributes as one of 50 participating organisations in developing smart solutions to reduce food waste and give new life to excess food.


We participate in the project “E-commerce distribution of medicine in urban areas using e-vehicles (E-DEL)” with the goal of contributing to the Swedish freight transport system’s transition to fossil-free.

Fossil Free Last Mile

We are transitioning to fossil-free fuels throughout Sweden. Together with collaborators in the Triple F project we have developed an electric car prototype for city deliveries.

Transition to fossil-free fuels

Electric vehicles for city deliveries

Our goal is to gradually replace our refrigerated vehicles with electric refrigerated vehicles in the urban environment in order to minimise environmental impact. Currently, that is not an easy task, as a battery is essential both for driving the car forward and for cooling the storage area, but cannot take up half of the room in the vehicle. Together with collaborators in the Triple F project we have developed a prototype that is now being tested.

Our goals for electric refrigerated vehicles are currently as follows – but we hope to be able to raise our expectations in tandem with the progress of product development:

  • 2022: 30% of city deliveries
  • 2023: 40% of city deliveries
  • 2024: 60% of city deliveries
  • 2025: 100% of city deliveries

For us at Gordon it is important to do what we can to reduce our climate impact. Our goal is therefore a radical reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions with the help of fossil-free alternative fuels. We initially see HVO100 as the best alternative right now – a completely renewable diesel developed to reduce the climate impact from transports. HVO100 has several advantages in comparison to fossil diesel. It is a completely renewable, fossil-free and sustainable fuel with radically lower greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) – a 90% reduction compared with traditional diesel.

We have the following goals for our stepwise transition to fossil-free:

  • Current percentage: 72% of deliveries (January 2022)
  • 2022: 80% of deliveries (excluding electric vehicles)
  • 2023: 90% of deliveries (excluding electric vehicles)
  • 2024: 100% of deliveries (excluding electric vehicles)

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