Ali Ghoce in the podcast Upplyst

Ali Ghoce, Gordon Delivery’s CEO and co-founder, is again part of a top-class podcast! 🎙✹ Listen to Upplyst and episode 24 to hear the story behind the start of Gordon. Ali tells about the company culture, our engagement in creating … Read more

Ali Ghoce in the podcast Framtidens E-Handel

Ali Ghoce. The IT guy who started Gordon without having any experience in logistics. đŸ‘šâ€đŸ’» What are his most important learnings? Let us present the podcast ”Framtidens E-Handel” and episode 136, where Ali is their guest. đŸŽ™ïž Hear him talk … Read more

Gordon Delivery gÀstar podden Ehandelstrender

Gordon Delivery Ă€r logistik-startupen som valt att ta fullt ansvar för serviceupplevelsen vid e-handelsleveranser av mat. I Ă„r rĂ€knar de med att omsĂ€tta runt 125 miljoner kronor och mĂ„lsĂ€ttningen Ă€r att bli störst pĂ„ hemleveranser av dagligvaror i Europa. De … Read more

Lyssna pÄ Markets podcast med Gordon

Logistikföretaget Gordon Delivery har hittills haft fokus pÄ Stockholm. Men Àgaren Ali Ghoce siktar pÄ stark expansion. I det senaste avsnittet av Markets podcast berÀttar han om planerna.