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Since 2015 when it all started, Gordon has been motivated by challenging the status quo. Since our goal is to revolutionise the logistics industry, we have been taking on several challenges, big and small. That is why we are always looking for great and ambitious people who want to join us on our journey and who want to contribute to change together. Are you one of us?

Working at Gordon

If you work with us, you will notice that we at Gordon come from widely diverse backgrounds and have different experiences to contribute with. Despite our differences, we all have one common interest. We love developing new and innovative solutions in last-mile logistics. Whether you are interested in working with the development of our SaaS platform or sustainability, or want to ensure that the daily operations run smoothly, we strive for the same thing. Namely, to be the preferred choice for our current and future customers. That is, when they are looking for a new arrangement for their logistics, they should be confident that Gordon finds solutions and creates opportunities.  

Here you can read more about what we do and who we are. We hope to hear from you!

Meet your future colleagues

Having good colleagues is essential. Take the opportunity to get to know four of your future colleagues now!

Lina Andersson

Chief People Officer

Meet Lina!
How would your friends describe you with one word?

Apparently, I am "impossible to describe" with one word, and I think that in itself is a good way to describe me. I have always embraced many sides of myself (that sounded like such a cliché haha), and professionally, I am often described as both analytical and emotional. If we talk about "colours" and DISC tests (measuring personality types), the results always show that I am a mix of red and yellow.

What can you not be without on a Saturday brunch?

A HUGE cup of coffee with hot oat milk + an obscene amount of ginger shots. I'm not a "breakfast or brunch person", but ask me what I have on my cheese and charcuterie plates (my favourite dinner any day of the week). I could go on forever…

What was your dream job as a kid?

I'm going to sound like a real dinosaur now, but when I was growing up we didn't have social media, and in those days TV shows were limited to being released once a week and one episode at a time (you get the picture!)... All gossip about celebrities was in the Swedish "gossip magazines" called Hänt i veckan and Svensk Damtidning. These magazines were very popular, although nobody admitted to reading them... In my family, my dad bought them and read them under the pretext that "I bought them for your mum". Anyways, early on, I understood that adults were super interested in those people in these magazines, so when my then 85-year-old grandfather asked Lina, 8 years old, what she wanted to become/work with when she grew up, my simple answer was, "I want to become one of those people in the magazines!" So basically my dream job was to be famous.

What do you listen to in the car?

First of all, I rarely drive anywhere (I have lived in Stockholm city centre for the last ten years), but for some reason, I have several "road trip music lists" on my phone. Music is super important to me (that I was a dancer growing up is probably a contributing factor here). I listen to music when I travel, focus on work, clean, cook, run, want to connect with memories and people I've lost in life or when I just need to get in the right mood and feel energized! According to Spotify wrapped, I have listened to 50 genres, 1590 songs and for 23 870 minutes in 2023. Basically, I listen to everything from modern pop, hip-hop and rnb to afrobeat, country and rock. I love live music, and my top three concert experiences in 2023 are Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen and The Weekend.

What would you tell your future colleagues, why should they choose Gordon?

I strongly believe in both Gordon's business model and customer offering, but what appealed to me most was the people behind it. Such an incredibly strong team! It really strikes me every day how everyone contributes to a high level of commitment as well as inclusion and development.

As a company, Gordon is also in a very exciting phase where there is great potential to develop with both existing and new customers. It is a journey that at least I feel very motivated to be part of.

Victor Edlund

Success Tower Agent

Who is Victor?
What do you prefer to do when you are not working?

When I'm not working, I like to see my friends, train Muay Thai and play golf (not necessarily at the same time). I also enjoy photography, especially when I haven't been to a specific place or on a special occasion.

Where would you like to travel and why?

Usually, when I travel, I go to a place in northern Sweden called Tärnaby. There is something to do there all year round. During winter, we go there to ski or take trips on snowmobiles. In the summer, we hike and go fishing. When travelling outside Sweden, I have a soft spot for Italy, Greece and the Philippines, but I always enjoy seeing new places.

What was your dream job as a kid?

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to become a fighter pilot. When that didn't come true, I still have the dream to eventually become a commercial pilot.

What do you listen to in the car?

When listening to music, it depends on my mood. When I feel nostalgic, I listen a lot to Phil Collins or The Beatles. When I'm amped, I like to listen to rap music like Pop Smoke or The Notorious B.I.G and house music like Swedish House Mafia or Avicii.

What would you tell your future colleagues, why should they choose Gordon?

If you like to work with people and want every day to have a broad mix of tasks, this is the place for you. But the biggest reason why you should choose Gordon is because of the wonderful colleagues you will get to know. The drive that people at Gordon have to improve and perfect our service is something we all strive to achieve, one step at a time.

Oscar Gren

Frontend Developer

Get to know Oscar!
Which is your most overused word or phrase?

I'm not sure if I have an overused phrase haha, but it would probably be something like "alright", I do say alright a lot.

What is your favourite activity to do with your friends?

I have way too many hobbies! But the top thing to do with my friends would be to play board games and to go sea-kayaking in different locations around Sweden, mainly the Stockholm archipelago and the islands just outside of Trosa and Sankt Anna.

What was your first job ever?

My first job was doing extra work in some restaurants where I was serving and doing the dishes. But I would say that my first real job was spending four years in the army in Stockholm, working as a Sergeant, before changing direction and getting into IT.

What do you listen to in the car?

This depends a lot. Going to preschool to drop off the kids, we would probably listen to something like Babblarna. On the way home from preschool, when I have dropped them off, I like Rammstein and Infected mushrooms.

What would you tell your future colleagues, why should they choose Gordon?

I think they should join us since we have a great team! We have fun at work, work closely with the other teams at Gordon and make decisions together. We all try our best, and the things we accomplish really make an impact on the day-to-day operation of the company.

Anki Moalee

Operation Project Leader & Customer Responsible

This is Anki!
Which is your favourite place that you have visited and why?

The Maldives is one of my absolute favourite destinations. I love the turquoise waters, the atmosphere and the focus on good food and total relaxation, while there are also many lovely activities if you get restless.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Hard to pick. Sushi and spaghetti bolognese are dishes I can eat several days in a row every week. But if I can only choose one dish for the rest of my life, I would go for tacos as you get a variety of vegetables.

What was your dream job as a kid?

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a pop artist as I loved to dance and sing. But when the opportunity finally appeared as I got older, I valued things differently and wasn't interested in moving to the US. A new passion in the travel industry had grown, and I got the opportunity to work as a travel agent. I travelled and experienced the world, and at the same time, I got to be creative and create memorable trips for the customers.

What do you listen to in the car?

I am an all-around when it comes to music, but I prefer pop and RNB. I often play artists like Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears and Rihanna and listen to P3 in the car.

What would you tell your future colleagues, why should they choose Gordon?

Gordon is a company with many opportunities to develop on multiple levels. There are great colleagues and a community where everyone works as a team.

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