World's first One Planet Plate meal kit travels in a collaborated flow

Ahead of Earth Hour 2024, Ecoviva is the first in the world to offer a food box with the WWF's One Planet Plate label. Tasty meals that fit into a tight climate budget, delivered to your home in an active cold chain and collaborated flow by Gordon.

One of the requirements for a meal kit to carry the WWF's One Planet Plate label is that the climate budget for a meal must not exceed 0.5kg of carbon dioxide equivalent per meal, or 11kg per week in total. Carbon dioxide equivalent is a measure of how much carbon dioxide would have to be emitted to have the same impact on the climate.

"These are tough requirements. By comparison, a regular hamburger meal has about seven times the carbon footprint," says Amina Bergendahl, co-founder of Ecoviva. 

For those who want to create a menu with a low climate budget, Amina knows what it takes to succeed.

"It has to be really delicious! In our weekly menu, for example, we serve creamy pasta with oyster slices and truffles, char with dill and chive pesto, crispy tofu steaks with chilli and lime dip, and we've really worked on the flavours. First and foremost, it has to taste great, then you get all the other benefits." 

When food is transported between suppliers and customers in European markets, it is usually in what is known as a passive cold chain - the food is kept cold by being placed in a package with cooling agents such as ice. At Gordon, however, all transport is done using an active cold chain, where all deliveries are made with refrigerated trucks and through refrigerated terminals, which makes a big difference in terms of climate impact. A report by Chalmers shows that the worst passive cooling solution for food delivery can produce up to twenty times more carbon dioxide equivalents than the best active cooling methods.

"We have conscious customers and a quality product where all parts of the delivery experience are important and the environmental work is important to us. As well as getting really tasty food, our customers should also be able to contribute to the future," says Amina Bergendahl.

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