Tasty surprises for town and country:

"With Gordon, we reach our entire customer base"

Smakbox is Sweden's largest tasting box that never ceases to surprise its recipients. The boxes contain samples of flavours and products that are kept secret from the customer until the box is opened. These can be anything from delicacies and sweets to drinks and food from different brands.

"We give our customers the opportunity to discover new flavours and products that they might not have tried otherwise. It's a fun way to explore and try different flavours and food experiences," says Kaj Jones, Head of Operations & Development at Smakbox.

Initially, only dry goods were included, but as more customers discovered the service, they wanted to add more flavour mixes. In order to be able to send chilled and frozen products, a collaboration with Gordon was initiated.

"With Gordon we get a technical platform, an unbroken cold chain for home delivery and the ability to make a really good customer promise."

Unlike many other mealkit players, most of Smakbox's customers do not live in big cities, but in smaller towns.

"In big cities there is a completely different kind of offer and specialised shops. If you live in a small town, you might have a local grocery store. With Gordon as our delivery partner, we can reach customers both in and out of the cities, giving them the opportunity to try new and exciting food and drinks," says Kaj.

For Smakbox, the increased interest in testing new foods online has brought opportunities, but also challenges.

"The biggest logistical challenge for us is that we are dealing with cold goods. All parts of the chain have to work; the goods have to arrive at the right time, we have to pack them without delay and they have to leave quickly."

That is why it is particularly important to work closely with your last-mile partner, says Kaj.

"For example, there have been times when a supplier has been late with a dairy product with a short shelf life, so we have not had time to pack it, so we have been able to send it directly to Gordon's terminals instead."

Just in time for spring, Smakbox has a new look, which is being launched along with a new website. As well as working on relaunching the brand, the focus will be on continuing to surprise customers with new experiences.

"We are now looking at opportunities for other types of products and new geographical areas to share food experiences with even more people," says Kaj.

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