Ali Ghoce guest on "Heja Framtiden"

Ali Ghoce is a guest of Christian von Essen and "Heja Framtiden" - a podcast and platform for future matters:

"How is it really possible for both ready-made shopping bags and weekly shopping to be distributed as quickly and efficiently as they actually are? A big part of the solution is the use of intelligent route planning and a network of hundreds of independent drivers to coordinate our food deliveries. Ali Ghoce founded the company after developing dispatch systems for the pharmacy market and realising that there was great potential in offering a new, uninterrupted cold chain distribution option for the grocery sector. Now Gordon has come full circle and is looking at pharmacy products as the next step. Hear his fascinating journey. What sector could your next idea revolutionise? // Host: Christian von Essen // Recorded in the kitchen studio on Roslagsgatan in Stockholm."

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