Kombucha brewery reaches new customers with an unbroken cold chain

The Södermalm-based kombucha brewery ICHA produces refreshing drinks for health-conscious customers nationwide. The fermented beverage is unpasteurised and can be damaged if exposed to heat. Therefore, it is essential that the kombucha is transported and stored in a cold environment. 
– With Gordon as our delivery partner, we have been able to expand our delivery areas, and our customers can enjoy our kombucha in the best possible condition, says Ash Talukder, CEO of ICHA.

ICHA produces and sells organic kombucha, a naturally fermented beverage brewed from sweetened tea. Kombucha is believed to have its roots in China, where it has been consumed for its health benefits for over 2000 years. The drink contains a so-called SCOBY culture (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and becomes slightly sparkling with a tart and tasty flavour.  

Photo: Anders Ljung, Swedish Success Magazine

The flavours offered by ICHA are seasonal, but Apple & Cinnamon is a customer favourite of the current flavours. The products are sold to both consumers and companies.

– Our customers include consumers, restaurants, cafés and companies that share our passion for health and sustainability. Our goal is to be available to everyone who wants to enjoy our kombucha, says Ash.

Previously, ICHA delivered its products on its own in the Stockholm area. When they started to experience demand in other Swedish cities, they realised they were limited by their ability to deliver with a broad reach. In addition, they experienced challenges in maintaining an unbroken cold chain during delivery, which led them to search for a new solution for their logistics.

– Gordon was selected to ensure cost-efficient, collaborated deliveries. With Gordon, our products are kept cool from when they leave our production facility until they reach our customers, which is essential to us, says Ash.

In the future, ICHA plans to expand its business, both by increasing its market geographically and by introducing new products. One of these is a new product extracted from the same bacterial culture used for kombucha. Ash is secretive about what it is but promises it is new and unique.

– We have worked hard to develop this product and are very happy with the results. We think it will be a success, says Ash.

He expects to face challenges during the growth phase but looks forward to doing all he can to maintain product quality and increase the market presence as they scale up. 

– We see great potential for kombucha in the Nordics, says Ash. With Gordon's help, we are well-positioned to take our product to a new level.

Photos: Anders Ljung, Swedish Success Magazine

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