Gordon Academy – boot camp for temperature-controlled last mile

On Gordon's digital learning platform, Gordon Academy, employees and drivers can access everything they need to be well prepared and up to date with the latest guidelines and requirements in temperature-controlled last mile.

Here, you find courses on everything from customer service and quality, to product and legal requirements such as GDP and the handling of dangerous goods (ADR 1.3).

– With Gordon Academy, we ensure that every person knows their responsibilities when handling our customers' products and how to act in different situations. This gives us and our customers confidence that we are delivering with the highest quality, says Daniela Hedaya, product owner for Gordon Academy. 

The platform also serves as the central hub for Gordon's quality management system. Here, employees can find documents such as policies and SOPs - written instructions that describe how a particular task or process should be carried out - in an easily accessible way. Everyone who works at Gordon confirms what information they have accessed, which makes it easy to follow up on who has read what.

Who should have access to what information is based on who you are. Gordon Academy is customised for each role, and you are assigned courses and information depending on your work tasks.

Overview of Gordon Academy's course package.

Gordon develops its own courses, which creates the opportunity to combine product and legal requirements with how to practically act in different situations to ensure that procedures are followed. An example of this is the unbroken cold chain course, which focuses both on the importance of maintaining the correct temperature and on the specific procedures that Gordon follows to ensure that the temperature is maintained throughout the entire chain. 

– Externally produced courses could never include all the unique routines that apply to us at Gordon, says Daniela. When we established the foundation for our quality management system, we wanted the information to be concretised based on Gordon's operations, which we achieve with Gordon Academy.

Each course consists of one or more videos where a person goes through a presentation. Some also include practical demonstrations, such as how to use a tail lift. To ensure that everyone can understand the courses in the best possible way, they are currently available in Swedish, English and Danish with subtitles in Arabic, Persian and Turkish. All courses are concluded with a quiz so that Gordon can verify that everyone has taken in the information and understands their responsibilities. 

What information needs to be communicated depends on the products and services delivered and offered in the markets in which Gordon operates. As different legal requirements are imposed on different products, the selection of information on Gordon Academy needs to be continuously updated. The platform is also being developed to give both administrators and those accessing the content the smoothest user experience possible. 

– This makes it easier for administrators to follow up, which further helps us verify that the correct person has accessed the right information, explains Daniela. 

Existing courses are also gradually updated based on lessons learnt and feedback from course participants. Daniela is pleased with the positive development:

– Gordon Academy has become an essential and natural part of our quality management system. Our employees and drivers can be confident that they have the necessary knowledge to perform their tasks safely and correctly while, at the same time, we all contribute to Gordon's goal of having the industry's most satisfied drivers and customers.

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