Saveabl saves food in Sweden - a success story in Copenhagen

Jeroen, Alexander, Emil and Jesper are four friends who decided to reduce the amount of food thrown away by producers and wholesalers. The result was Saveabl: Meal kits that are 100% vegetarian and made from rescued food. Now, the Gothenburg-based company is taking Copenhageners by storm. 

Saveabl's meal kits contain various types of rescued food, such as vegetables that don't meet the aesthetic requirements to be sold in stores or overproduced foods that would otherwise go to waste. Their partnership with Gordon has also allowed them to expand sustainably.

– By gradually adding new delivery areas with Gordon, we've been able to grow without taking too much risk. We can test new markets without having to spend money on large launch campaigns, says Jeroen Thijssens, CEO and co-founder of Saveabl

This autumn, Saveabl has taken the step to the Danish market in Gordon's collaborated flow. They chose Copenhagen, a city with a strong focus on sustainability and a growing interest in vegetarian and vegan food. By having the production in Sweden and selling to customers in the Danish market, Saveabl benefits from the current exchange rate.

– A lot has become more expensive for us in our production with the variable costs we have in Sweden. By producing in Sweden and selling in Denmark, both we and our customers benefit from the currency difference, and we can offer our products at a competitive price, says Jeroen. 

And in Copenhagen, the interest in Saveabl's meal kits has been great.  

– It has worked very well so far. The Copenhageners appreciate quality food and what we have to offer. Now, we hope to get them to become recurring customers. That's the next challenge for us.

The plans ahead for Saveabl also include continued expansion. 

– We used to stay away from opening new delivery areas for quite some time, but as soon as we did it and realised how smooth it was with Gordon, it's something we will definitely continue to do, says Jeroen.

Jeroen Thijssen's tips for others who want to try moving across borders:

  • Check your target audience before expanding. Place an ad and get a feel for the interest.
  • Adapt your products and offers to the local market.
  • Think long-term - build your brand with the aim of gaining a loyal base of recurring customers.

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