Plan to double the amount of distribution centers

Gordon continues to grow strongly. To address the increasing demand for sustainable and coordinated chilled deliveries, we are now taking the next step. We have initiated a change program to implement a more sustainable long-term infrastructure. This initiative will enable us to use more electrical vehicles and to offer same day deliveries at more specific times.

Over the next couple of years, this change program plans to establish more distribution centers closer to our customers and end customers. The plan is to double the amount of distribution centers. We will improve the service level and customer offer by reducing the time between order and delivery. We will be able to reduce driving distances and offer customers a more sustainable and cost-efficient coordinated deliveries with a higher degree of electrical vehicles.

Offering more chilled and coordinated deliveries will enable us to perform home deliveries for all customers that need chilled deliveries and hence reduce the impact on the climate footprint.

Fred Skantze

Head of Distribution Center Development and Procurement
Project Manager Next Level

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