The digital future of logistics at TREFF

The annual Transport Efficiency Day draws a broad audience curious for new perspectives, insights and ideas of potential solutions where the role of logistics is part of the solution for a resilient and sustainable society.

Kristina Liljestrand (middle), Johanna Lindberg (right) and Tarun Agrawal (left).

This year’s topic for the TREFF conference held at Lindholmen Science Park was Smart freight transportation to support a resilient society.

Kristina Liljestrand, head of Expansion and Business Development at Gordon joined the panel together with Johanna Lindberg, project manager at LTU and Tarun Agrawal, Senior Lecturer at Chalmers Technology Management and Economics to discuss the digital future of logistics.

How can digital tools help you to improve efficiency?

”Our most important efficiency KPI is drops her hour. To improve DPH an important part is the driving time between stops which can be improved with good routing tools,” says Kristina Liljestrand.

”Service time is another vital aspect. At Gordon we do more than 600 000 stops per month, so all improvements that cut a bit of service time will have a huge impact on efficiency. Developing the right digital tools for finding the best parking and the right door as well as end customer interaction will be key,” says Kristina. 

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Foto: Lindholmen Science Park, © Andrzej Otrębski, CC BY-SA 4.0

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