“A Flexible Partner That Can Guide Us On Our E-Commerce Journey”

Alphamega is the largest, fastest-growing Cypriot hypermarket chain and first grocery retail company in the country to launch an e-commerce store. To set up its online store, the company collaborated with Gordon Cloud, whose flexibility and experience allowed the creation of a customised solution for Alphamega’s needs.

Andreas Demetriou works as Chief Information Officer at Alphamega and has been with the company for over 10 years. He’s seen the company consolidate its position as Cyprus’ largest grocery retailer, both in terms of revenue and employees.

Not only do they have more than 20 stores throughout Cyprus, they also have an e-commerce store, making it possible for Cypriots to order their food online and get it delivered to their home.

“We are the first company in Cyprus to offer an e-shop with island-wide coverage,” he proudly explains.

Finding the right partner

Andreas described Alphamega as a tech-driven company with an emphasis on customer experience and innovation. The company had been wanting to launch its e-commerce business for many years, but first needed to find the right partner:

“We knew that creating an e-commerce business in grocery retail would be complex. It’s not just about having a fancy website and a sales platform. It’s also crucial to have the right logistics model and structured software that will allow you to be efficient and productive”.

Since Alphamega is the first grocery retail company in Cyprus to have an e-commerce website, they have experienced some trouble finding talent and expertise in this field. Therefore, it was important for Alphamega to find an experienced partner to guide them through their challenges and answer all their questions before embarking on this transformation.

After conducting market research and looking at a demo of Gordon Tech’s solution and software, Alphamega knew that it had found its partner.

“Not only did Gordon Cloud create a solution that would have otherwise been very time-consuming and difficult to implement from scratch, they were also able to customize their software to address our needs”.

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We are now as productive and efficient as possible, instead of having to drive across the whole country. That has saved us a lot of time and fuel.

Andreas Demetriou
CIO, Alphamega

Increased productivity and efficiency

Ever since the launch of Alphamega’s e-commerce website in February 2021, Gordon’s tech platform has handled one of the most complex parts of the logistics chain: last mile delivery.

“With Gordon Cloud we can handle the routing of our trucks and manage our last mile deliveries in an efficient way”, Andreas clarified.

“Thanks to their solution, we can now be as productive and efficient as possible, instead of having to drive across the whole country. That has saved us a lot of time and fuel, and we’ve been able to significantly increase our capacity when it comes to the number of deliveries that we can make per day using their software”.

Flexible and dedicated

Because Cyprus is a small country, services such as Google Maps have limitations and do not cover the entire island, Andreas explained.

However, this proved not to be an obstacle for Gordon Tech, who solved the problem by implementing a solution that supports multiple map providers:

“When we were first testing out the software with Gordon Tech, the addresses didn’t come up correctly. So, they made changes to the software so that we could get it right”.

He added, “They were also flexible enough to create all of the customer communication in Greek, so that our customers could receive information in their own language. And whenever there’s been an issue, we’ve got a dedicated support line that can help us out quickly. So far, we’ve had no serious issues, and the minor ones that we’ve had were all resolved very quickly”.

A long-term partner

Alphamega has only just begun its online journey and sees the collaboration with Gordon Tech as a key component when expanding its e-commerce business.

“We are very impressed by their professionalism and willingness to adapt their solution to our needs. They rose to the challenge even though they had never done a project such as ours in the Mediterranean, giving us everything we needed to succeed” he added.

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