Merry Christmas!

Another year has passed, again! It feels like it went so fast for us at Gordon, which must be a sign that we are having fun. We filled this year with more things than we can count, but here are … Læs Mere

Ali Ghoce in the podcast Upplyst

Ali Ghoce, Gordon Delivery’s CEO and co-founder, is again part of a top-class podcast! 🎙✨ Listen to Upplyst and episode 24 to hear the story behind the start of Gordon. Ali tells about the company culture, our engagement in creating … Læs Mere

Din juligaste hemleverans

Vad skulle julen vara utan hemleveransen? Vi på Gordon skulle därför vilja se din allra juligaste hemleverans från oss. Du har chansen att vinna ett fint pris från Euroflorist eller Smakbox. Tillsammans sprider vi julglädje. Så här är du med och … Læs Mere

Ali Ghoce in the podcast Framtidens E-Handel

Ali Ghoce. The IT guy who started Gordon without having any experience in logistics. 👨‍💻 What are his most important learnings? Let us present the podcast ”Framtidens E-Handel” and episode 136, where Ali is their guest. 🎙️ Hear him talk … Læs Mere