Gordon Circular is granted 2 million in funding from Vinnova within Climate Neutral E-commerce

Together with the project partners Coop, Samhall, Mylla and AD Company, Gordon has been granted support from Vinnova for further development of Gordon Circular, a circular packaging system for food home deliveries. The project will run for one and a half years and is granted funding of 1,992,799 SEK.

Using Gordon Circular, the number of cardboard bags and cartons used for home deliveries of food can be reduced and replaced with a circular solution where the packaging is returned, washed and prepared for a new delivery.

The support is granted within the call for "Climate neutral e-commerce".

The project's goal is to finalise the eight critical system parts identified for Gordon Circular: traceability, technical platform, physical packaging, washing solution, logistics flow, business model, consumer experience and sustainability, and thus enable large-scale dissemination of the system at the end of the project.

– Through Gordon Circular, we can reduce the climate impact of disposable packaging. We are delighted that Vinnova has chosen to support our project, says Ali Ghoce, CEO Gordon.


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Ali Ghoce, CEO Gordon
Catherine Alsén Gelfgren, project manager Gordon Circular

Kontakt os

For more information, contact Catherine Alsén Gelfgren, project manager Gordon Circular, 076-492 26 49, catherine.alsen@gordondelivery.com.

About Vinnova

Vinnova is Sweden's innovation authority tasked with strengthening Sweden's innovation capacity and contributing to sustainable growth.


Om Gordon

Gordon er en last mile-virksomhed, der har specialiseret sig i koordinerede flows af temperaturkontrollerede leverancer. Virksomheden har to forretningsområder: en komplet løsning til kølede last mile-leverancer og en SaaS-platform. Gordon blev grundlagt i 2015 i Stockholm og opererer i dag i Sverige, Norge, Danmark og Finland. Kunderne omfatter dagligvareforhandlere, måltidskassevirksomheder, fødevareproducenter og apoteker.

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