Every person who receives a delivery should be satisfied

The experience of those who receive our customers' deliveries from the drivers is what drives us forward. At Gordon, we are a continuation of our customers' businesses, and the goal is for every recipient to be satisfied. 

To achieve this, the drivers and we who work in customer service and traffic management always collaborate closely. We know that cooperation is the key to our mission's success and enabling the drivers to provide good treatment. We also know that the culture we have and how we work with each other affects the drivers' relationship with those waiting for their deliveries. 

The drivers who work for Gordon do a great job and are good at personalised service, while logistics is not easy. Our customer service receives all feedback from recipients after they have received their deliveries. We send positive feedback directly by SMS to our drivers. Negative feedback, we follow up to solve it as soon as possible. 

If we find a complaint several people mention, we develop procedures to ensure the problem stops. We in customer service and traffic management also work a lot with tonality. All incoming cases should receive a clear and helpful response. We want everyone to want a new delivery from us. 

//Louisa Strömberg 

Operation team leader


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Är du Årets e-handlare 2024? Gordon är stolt partner till priset som delas till en aktör som ligger i framkant och driver en framgångsrik och effektiv e-handel med dagligvaror. Den 14 november koras vinnaren på Dagligvarugalan – nominera idag!

Är du Årets e-handlare 2024? Gordon är stolt partner till priset, vinnaren koras på Dagligvarugalan den 14 november.