Gordon believes the economic downturn means more people need coordinated deliveries

The challenging economic climate for retailers can benefit the last mile company, Gordon. At least that is what Gordon's CEO Ali Ghoce says in an article in Monday's Dagens Industri.
- Players like Ica and Mathem may need to hire people like us. They spend a lot of money on having their own fleets, with many half-empty vans as a result, he tells the newspaper.

In the article in Dagens Industri, Ali Ghoce makes a comparison with the clothing chain H&M.
- H&M doesn't use its own vehicles to deliver to their customers, he says.

Coordinated chilled home deliveries are what Gordon is offering more and more grocery retailers, companies that sell ready-made meal kits and food producers. It is now clear that Gordon had a turnover of SEK 569 million in 2022. An increase of 38 per cent compared to 2021.

Gordon has managed to grow even though many people reduced their online food shopping in 2022. The growth is because Gordon has signed agreements with more companies that are now part of Gordon's coordinated flow for home deliveries, and the business has expanded to reach more households in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. From October 2022, Gordon had a positive cash flow.

In early 2023, Gordon continued to sign new agreements. One of them is with Euroflorist, which means that Gordon enters an entirely new product segment, as flower boxes will now coexist with food and medicines in the vans in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

- We have a reasonable growth target of 20 per cent for 2023, which means we hope to achieve sales of just over SEK 700 million. We should also be able to report a positive result at the group level, says Ali Ghoce to Dagens Industri.

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Gordon er en last mile-virksomhed, der har specialiseret sig i koordinerede flows af temperaturkontrollerede leverancer. Virksomheden har to forretningsområder: en komplet løsning til kølede last mile-leverancer og en SaaS-platform. Gordon blev grundlagt i 2015 i Stockholm og opererer i dag i Sverige, Norge, Danmark og Finland. Kunderne omfatter dagligvareforhandlere, måltidskassevirksomheder, fødevareproducenter og apoteker.

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