Kristina Liljestrand leads Gordon towards sustainable home deliveries

Kristina Liljestrand loves logistics, especially when combined with sustainability and innovation. That's why she joined Gordon. Today, she is the Head of Business Development and Expansion at Gordon.

When Kristina Liljestrand worked as researcher at the research institute Chalmers Industriteknik Gordon was involved in several of the projects she was leading. 

– I wanted to work at Gordon to develop new systems for sustainable home deliveries and change how we shop for food, she says.

She now leads Gordon's business development department. The department has a total of seven projects in development. One of them is Gordon Circular, which develops a circular system for the boxes the food is delivered in. 

– If we succeed, we will not only put ourselves on the map, but we will put Sweden on the map as a country that takes the lead in circular logistics, says Kristina Liljestrand. 

Her PhD thesis focused on reducing the climate impact of food transport. As a researcher, she initiated, together with the celebrity chef Paul Svensson, the project Resvinn against food waste. 

– The things I've been researching, I now get to do for real at Gordon, says Kristina Liljestrand. 

And in that work, she now has a clear goal:

– Gordon will have the best European offer within the last mile industry regarding customer satisfaction, sustainability, quality, innovation and efficiency. Last mile is a young industry with a lot of innovation, and Gordon shall make sure to always be at the front, says Kristina Liljestrand. 

Kristina Liljestrand

Title: Head of Business Development & Expansion.

Age: 37 years old.

Residence: Stockholm.

Education: PhD in logistics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. 

Hidden talent: Strategic resource games and knitting hats.

Working at Gordon since 2021.


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Är du Årets e-handlare 2024? Gordon är stolt partner till priset, vinnaren koras på Dagligvarugalan den 14 november.