With Gordon’s new packaging solution for circular home deliveries, cardboard boxes and paper bags disappear

We at Gordon have decided to make it possible to deliver chilled food to people’s homes in reusable packaging. Therefore, today, November 8, we are presenting the circular home delivery system Gordon Circular at the Logistik & Transport fair in Gothenburg. Now we look forward to doing the first tests of the system.

– Gordon carries out 600 000 deliveries every month. We hope we can make a real effort to reduce the use of paper bags and cardboard boxes, says Ali Ghoce, CEO and Co-Founder of Gordon.

Gordon has registered a patent application for a completely new solution where Gordon delivers food to the consumer’s door in reusable bags that are picked up at the next delivery. This is the basis of the new circular system, which has been named Gordon Circular.

In 2021, Swedes used 674 600 tonnes of pasteboard, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard for goods and transport. That is 11,6 percent more than in 2020. It means that the average Swede used 55 kilograms of such packaging materials.

– Our customers are companies within the grocery trade, meal kit companies, and food producers. We want it to be easy for them to reduce the number of cardboard boxes and paper bags used only once during home deliveries. We also want to make it easier for people who shop for food online to make climate-friendly choices and to avoid handling cardboard boxes and paper bags that take up space and must be returned for recycling, says Ali Ghoce.

Gordon Circular means that Gordon’s customers pack the ordered food in reusable bags, called Gordon bags. Gordon delivers the bags to the consumers’ homes and returns the bags from previous deliveries. The Gordon bags are then cleaned before they are filled with food again. During transport, the Gordon bags are placed in stackable reusable boxes, which eliminates the need for outer packaging that cannot be reused.

An opportunity to reduce climate impact

– We can deliver chilled food and communicate digitally to nine of ten Swedes. This makes it easy for the customers to return the Gordon bags that the food came in, and we can easily take them back in our vehicles. It is an opportunity to reduce climate impact that we want to take advantage of, says Catherine Alsén Gelfgren, project manager for Gordon Circular.

Catherine Alsén Gelfgren, project manager.
Ali Ghoce, CEO and Co-Founder.

– When we introduce Gordon Circular, we can offer a coordinated delivery flow and a coordinated circular system with refrigerated last mile deliveries. We have already met great interest in our circular solution from several of our current partners, says Ali Ghoce.

Meets the wishes of consumers and e-retailers

Gordon has been working to develop this solution since the beginning of the year. The work is based on the wishes of people who order food online to get it home delivered and of Gordon’s customers.


Catherine Alsén Gelfgren, catherine.alsen@gordondelivery.com, 076-492 26 49


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