Cookie Notice

Version 2023:1
Last updated: 2023-08-11 

1. Introduction

This website (hereafter referred to as the ”Website”) is operated by Gordon Services AB  (”GORDON”, ”we”, ”our” or ”us”), incorporated and registered in Sweden with company registration number 559016-9750. References to ”You” or ”Your” refer to the visitor of the Website.

We have created this Cookie Notice to provide detailed information regarding:

  • Types of cookies used on the Website. 
  • Parties involved in downloading or storing cookies. 
  • Purposes for which cookies are utilised. 
  • Duration of the cookies in use. 
  • Possibility of sharing the information collected by cookies with third parties. 
  • Methods to manage cookie storage.

If the cookies used mean that personal data belonging to You is collected, You also have the right to information about the processing of the personal data according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (”GDPR”). More information about our processing of personal data can be found in GORDON’s External Privacy Notice through the following link:

Your consent applies to the following domains:

2. General information about cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on the visitor’s device, such as a mobile phone, computer or tablet. It serves various functions and enables visitors to access different features of a website. 

Cookies can be used to collect information about website visitors and facilitate the following actions:

  • Access information stored on the visitor’s device. 
  • Store information on the visitor’s device. 
  • Track a visitor’s browsing activity on websites that utilise the same cookie. 
  • Save information about a visitor’s interactions and activities on a website. 
  • Retain information during and between visits to the website. 
  • Enable direct marketing to the visitor based on their interests.

The usage of cookies may involve the transfer of information from us to the visitor of the Website and/or from the visitor directly to us, to a third party acting on our behalf or to another party in accordance with their privacy policies.

There are different types of cookies, which can be categorised into the following main groups:

Session cookies: These cookies are temporarily stored in the device’s memory and do not have an expiration date. They are active only during the visitor’s browsing session and are deleted once the browser is closed. They are typically used to maintain session information and enable certain website functionalities.

Persistent cookies: Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies are saved on the device for a longer period and have an expiration date. Even after closing the browser, these cookies may remain stored in the device’s memory. However, they are automatically deleted once the expiration date is reached. They are used to remember user preferences and settings for future visits.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are set by entities other than the website’s owner or operator. These cookies serve various purposes, including analytics, advertising or social media integration. Third-party cookies can be either session cookies or persistent cookies, depending on the specific functionality and duration required by the third-party entity.

On this Website, we utilise session cookies, persistent cookies and third-party cookies to enhance Your browsing experience and provide specific functionalities.

3. Categories of cookies used by this website

This Website utilises cookies that fall into the following categories. These descriptions aim to help You make informed decisions about Your use of our Website and other online services.

3.1 Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Website. They are required to provide the online services You have requested. In short, these cookies are crucial for You to fully experience the functionalities of our Website. They enable us to maintain user sessions, prevent security threats and ensure basic functions and security features that are important to You as a visitor of the Website. 

The use of necessary cookies does not require Your prior consent and therefore, You cannot opt out of their use. This means that cookies placed within this category will always be used.

3.2 Non-necessary cookies

In order to use cookies categorised as non-necessary, we need to obtain Your active consent. You are hereby informed that You have the right to withdraw Your consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal. You can disable or manage non-necessary cookies as described in section 5 below. Please note that non-necessary cookies are not essential for the core functionalities of the Website but are employed for additional purposes. 

The Website uses the following categories of non-necessary cookies:

Functional: Functional cookies are utilised to enable specific functions on the Website. If You choose not to accept the use of functional cookies, some functions of the Website may not work as intended.

Analytical: Analytical cookies are utilised to understand how visitors interact with the Website. They gather information about metrics such as the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources and page popularity. This data helps us analyse and improve the performance and user experience of the Website.

Other: The ”Other” category refers to cookies that have not yet been classified into a specific category. They are currently being analysed and evaluated to determine the appropriate categorisation.

4. How this website uses cookies

Below, You can find a list of cookies used on this Website, including their respective categories, storage duration on Your device, a brief description of their purpose and information on whether the data is shared with other parties.

5. How you can manage the storage of cookies

You have the ability to manage the storage of cookies on Your device through different methods. This includes the option to disable or enable cookies either entirely or selectively. However, it’s important to note that taking such actions may have consequences. Disabling cookies, either partially or entirely, may result in certain functions on the Website not working as intended. 

Below are examples of how You can manage the storage of cookies on Your device:

5.1 Settings through the cookie solution on this website

You have the option to manage the use of cookies from this Website through the installed cookie solution. By accessing the cookie settings provided by this solution, You can actively give consent to the use of different categories of cookies or choose to deny the use of cookies belonging to specific categories. 

Please note that necessary cookies, as mentioned in section 3 above, are always used and do not require Your prior consent. 

It is important to note that You can change or withdraw Your actively given consent for the use of non-necessary cookies at any time. This means that You have the flexibility to adjust Your preferences regarding the use of cookies based on Your needs and preferences.

5.2 Browser settings

If You prefer not to use non-necessary cookies, You can modify the settings in most browsers to block their usage. Additionally, You have the option to configure the settings so that You are prompted to actively accept each new cookie sent to Your device when visiting a website.

Browser settings may also offer the ability to block third-party cookies or designate frequently visited websites as ”trusted websites,” ensuring that cookies from those trusted sources are always accepted.

Furthermore, browser settings often provide the option to delete specific cookies stored on Your device or clear all previously stored cookies. These functions are typically accessible through menu options such as ”Help,” ”Tools,” or ”Edit” within the browser.

If You require assistance in configuring the settings within Your browser, please contact the browser’s publisher or refer to the browser’s help pages for detailed instructions.

Remember to adjust the settings on each browser You use across different devices and locations to ensure Your preferences are applied consistently.

6. More information

For additional information regarding cookies and the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, you can visit the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website at

To learn more about the GDPR and the processing of personal data, You can refer to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s website at

For general information about cookies and their functions, You can explore websites like

These resources can provide more in-depth knowledge and guidance on the topics of cookies, data protection and related regulations.

7. Our company and contact details

If you have questions or concerns about how this website uses cookies, please contact us through the contact details below.

Company: Gordon Services AB

Reg. no: 559016-9750

Postal address: Kabyssgatan 4D, BV, 120 30 Stockholm