”What’s for Dinner?” Cheffelo deliver answers with Gordon Cloud

Cheffelo, one of the leading meal service providers in the Nordics, known for brands such as Linas Matkasse, Godtlevert, Adams Matkasse and RetNemt, is focusing on making mealtime an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

”We provide the answer to ’what’s for dinner’ with the widest variety of healthy, tasty options delivered right to your doorstep. We do this with a big portion of food inspiration, a good cooking experience and almost no food waste,” says Gabriel Sjöholm, Nordic Logistics Manager at Cheffelo.

A sustainable option

Over the past year, Cheffelo has intensified its collaboration with Gordon. With Gordon’s active last mile cold chain, where all deliveries are made with refrigerated vehicles and terminals, the freshness of delivered ingredients can be maintained without the need for traditional ice packs, saving an estimated 180 tonnes of ice per year for Cheffelo in Sweden alone.

”This shift significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. It is a better sustainable option for us,” says Sjöholm.

In addition to reduced carbon emissions, Gordons’ collaborative flow has brought other benefits.

”We are reaching more customers, we have increased the number of delivery options and yet we have achieved a more efficient distribution,” says Sjöholm.

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Accurate delivery planning has reduced the workload on our customer service team by minimising delivery related queries.

Gabriel Sjöholm
Nordic Logistics Manager, Cheffelo

Delivery experience for satisfied customers

During 2023, the collaboration between Cheffelo and Gordon was deepened even further as Cheffelo chose Gordon Cloud as their last–mile delivery platform. This has resulted in an improved end-customer experience with real-time tracking of deliveries.

”We can really see that the delivery experience has improved. Our delivery rate is up and accurate delivery planning has reduced the workload on our customer service team by minimising delivery related queries,” says Sjöholm.

The investment also means that Cheffelo can plan, monitor and follow up on all deliveries, in one user-friendly interface, regardless of what delivery partner is performing the delivery. And for a company that carries out over 300 000 deliveries per quarter, it adds up quickly.

Looking ahead

With sustainability at the heart of its business, Cheffelo is committed to reducing food waste through a precise ingredient sourcing strategy that is directly linked to customer orders. This method not only supports a more sustainable ecosystem, but also ensures that customers receive the freshest ingredients possible. And as the collaboration between Cheffelo and Gordon continues to refine, the focus remains on investing in the delivery experience.


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